Facebook ‘Friend Verifier’ a Welcome Arrival

With the number of teens that are logging onto Facebook on a regular basis, there are so many concerns about predators taking advantage of these innocents.  Facebook has stepped up to respond to these concerns with its new “Friend Verifier”. The Friend Verifier goes

Digital Sales Jump thanks to Facebook Trading Zone

Given how popular online purchases continue to be, it should come as no surprise that Facebook’s invite-only trading zone has caused digital sales to jump somewhat.  The Facebook Trading Groups is quite similar to CraigsList, and encourages those who live in the same region

US Regulator Drops Probe into Facebook Deals

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) has opted to discontinue its earlier investigations into the social network company Facebook Inc. over the company’s controversial initial public offering (IPO) of 2012. This is according to a report by the social network

Facebook Could be Uber-Focused

Facebook’s Messenger app is among the most popular apps currently being used today.  However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues at the world’s most popular social media site are considering a move to make Messenger more than a mere communication tool. While the

Will Users Actually Buy on Facebook?

With the recent launch of Facebook’s Buy button, it will be very interesting to see whether users will be inspired to make purchases directly from Facebook.  Facebook has tried ecommerce in the past, but this has not been particularly successful.  Now, the advent of

Facebook Launches Save

With the launch of the new Save feature on Facebook comes the realization that users will be able to save material to read it later.  This allows the social media juggernaut to directly compete with Pocket, though on a very basic level. Save does

Facebook ‘buy’ button Introduced

Facebook is making its website a business home by rolling out the ‘buy’ button, a new e-commerce feature that will let users procure products directly from its website. The new feature allows shoppers to click a “buy” button to purchase items in adverts or

Facebook to Track TV Viewing Habits

In a move that will only further solidify Facebook’s position as the number one social media network, the company is about to start tracking its users’ television viewing habits. The new initiative will likely surprise no one and serve to benefit businesses looking to