A Facebook-less Facebook?

FacebookThe future of Facebook may look considerably different in the future, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and this may leave the billion or so users who use the social media site as a way of hooking up with friends and other businesses may find that they are having to tap into a variety of different apps in order to take advantage of the services Facebook offers.

Already, Messenger has become its own separate app, and Zuckerberg has said that what the company is doing is essentially unbundling itself – an unprecedented move and one that may see Facebook splinter into several different apps that may not even require a Facebook account to use.  It truly is a bold move, especially since the last few innovations that Facebook has come up with have fizzled before they have flown.  Zuckerberg is far from worried, though.

Facebook may very well annoy its massive user base, as this move towards unbundling the popular website into several smaller apps may prove more cumbersome than Zuckerberg expects.  However, this may be the move that puts Facebook back on the map as far as its innovation efforts go.  The first app out from Creative Labs, an app called Paper, was well-received by critics, but only a handful of people actually downloaded and used the app.

The idea is that the space on a mobile phone’s screen is limited, so an app that features a simple design and only one function could be more intuitive than a full program with several different functions to it.  As it stands, Facebook as a mobile app has several different functions to it and sometimes it is not the most user-friendly of apps.  As it stands, Facebook has already seen a 20 percent upswing in the speed of chat replies with Messenger than it saw previously with the in-program chat.

This decision to fracture Facebook into several different apps will allow Facebook to be far more creative, says Zuckerberg, and because the new apps don’t have an established user base, they can be a little more creative in their design, because no one really knows for sure what to expect from a new app with few users.  People can take the chance on the new app as they design it so they can take the time and see just how creative they can be in the app design.

The thing is, many apps will make Facebook’s user-friendly nature either quite cumbersome for some users or it will streamline a lot of the professional programs that are a part of Facebook.  Both can make a fair bit of energy burn when it comes to trying to receive he best he or she can be.  There are ways that Facebook can really innovate its future in the weeks and months ahead.

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