Adapt Your Facebook Approach

Adapt Your Facebook Approach

Even in the business world, using social media is all about maintaining privacy.  Social media means there will be a certain degree of information out in cyberspace about you; however, with an examination of how to approach Facebook from a business perspective, you should be able to approach privacy – for both yourself and your business – in a more careful manner.  There are certain things you can do in order to be more mindful of privacy issues as they pertain to Facebook.

Facebook Privacy

tickClear your Facebook history.  This does not mean you need to clear out your profile and delete any presence you might have online.  However, Facebook has its own unique search history that you can also clear.  If you go to the upper right hand corner of your Facebook screen and click on the down arrow and then click Activity Log, you will be able to see a spot where you can clear your Facebook history.  You cannot turn off the feature where your search area continues to accumulate, so that means you will have to go into that area from time to time and clear your search history to help ensure your privacy.

This is particularly important if you own your own personal business; too often, our personal lives are associated with our public or business lives, so sometimes, lines may blur and cross.  That means you have to pay particular attention to this part of Facebook and ensure you clear out anything you don’t like out of there.

tick Eliminate your LikesFacebook has the ability where if you have Liked someone’s product or business, your image can be used in any publicity for that business without your prior consent.  Under Activity Log, you need to go to the left hand side and find where it says “Likes.”  Click there, and then clear out all the businesses you have Liked – except for your own, as you may not have any issue with your image being used to promote your business.  This prevents your image – or that of your family – being used to promote someone else’s business or goings-on without your consent.

tick Check out your privacy settings.  While there has been a lot of talk in recent years about the importance of examining your privacy settings on Facebook, it’s no joke.  People still aren’t getting their privacy settings right, and Facebook changes this up from time to time.  That means you have to ensure that your privacy settings are still set right where you want them to be.  It’s simply a matter of going under the Lock on the upper right hand corner of the screen and going into settings to ensure these are set as tightly as you would like them to be.

Privacy is essential in today’s highly technologized world.  Without taking the time to ensure your Facebook privacy is set where you want it to be – for both business and for pleasure – you are going to find that you will have people visiting your page that you don’t want there – and that could cause your business some harm in the long run.

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