Facebook Says “No More Free Lunch” To Marketers

Facebook Says “No More Free Lunch” To Marketers

facebook art marketing webinar1 Facebook Says No More Free Lunch To MarketersMany small business marketers have found that Facebook’s recent trend of trimming back on the organic reach of Facebook Pages is starting to take a bit of a pinch on their ability to reach out to customers.  They may be frustrated that it seems that they are not as important as the first-tier advertisers, but there are ways in which they can continue to improve their marketability via Facebook.

Firstly, businesses should continue to post updates as normal.  Your committed clientele will continue to follow your posts and updates as you continue to update your Facebook profile.  These committed customers will continue to be interested and follow what your business is up to.  In fact, they may also bring some of their friends into the mix as well.

Secondly, switch to email marketing and see if that helps improve the marketing appeal of your brand.  It may help, particularly if you ignored email marketing while you focused on Facebook strategies.  It continues to be a highly effective mode of marketing although many businesses are continuing to move to social media as a method of marketing. 

You may also want to consider building a mobile marketing campaign in order to capture a new segment of clientele that you may lose as a result of the tightening on the Facebook Pages organic reach.  This means, however, that you’re going to have to develop a new audience.  It may be worth it in the long run, however, as the audience for smartphones continues to rise.

It is also possible to see some benefit from allowing your Facebook followers to be your Close Friends.  This way, your business information appears right at the top of their News Feeds.  This can be an effective means of promoting your business without really having to be creative in your approach, though creativity in marketing is always a good idea.

Your most dedicated fans will always follow you.  They have already determined they are going to continue their brand loyalty and regardless of whether or not Facebook cuts off the gravy train of Pages’ organic reach, your determination to carry on with Facebook statuses about your business will encourage your followers to stick with you.

Facebook Marketing by Apps Mav Facebook Says No More Free Lunch To Marketers

 As was the case before Facebook made the decision to cut back on the organic reach of the Pages, it’s important to stay consistent with your approach to social media marketing.  Without a solid approach which focuses on what your business offers and how you can reach out to the current generation of customers that are online in increasing numbers, you are not going to find any success in social media marketing., Facebook Pages or not.

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