Auto-Play an Auto-Win for Facebook

Auto-Play an Auto-Win for Facebook

While it created a significant outcry when it bowed a few months ago, Facebook’s shift towards allowing videos to auto-play when they hovered on screen is now becoming a huge win for marketers.

In the first three months of this year, brands with videos have noted 58 percent more engagement with their product, and given the decision Facebook made last year to start auto-playing videos without sound, it’s quite likely that marketers are not complaining too loudly.  Adobe Social Intelligence’s report was recently published and it also reported that videos from organic brand posts were up 785 percent over the last year ago quarter.  As further indication of this success, video posts were up 134 percent over the final quarter of 2013 as well.

Facebook auto play

The report shares that people seem to be more engaged in video posts more than ever before, and it seems that everyone is sharing these videos in increasing amounts.  Adobe’s social intelligence report was based on 260 billion Facebook impressions, and so, this is a solid base of impressions to draw from.

The report was also based on aggregated data from some 5,000 clients that use Facebook regularly.  The question is, what does this mean for businesses regularly posting information on Facebook?

Firstly, users need to be mindful of relevance when they go to post videos.  They have to ensure that the videos they post are meaningful to their clients because without that sort of relevance, users will become disengaged.  Humans are a highly visual species, which means we are designed to become more engaged in things that are visual, rather than items we have to read and analyze.  This is where we are able to truly maximize the level of engagement from our clients.  By choosing videos that our clients will share with their friends, we are able to effectively spread word of our product and create something that is visually appealing for our clientele.

Marketing today is all about sharing information with our clients and inspiring them to share with their friends.  This helps us engage our clients and their friends, thereby spreading word of our product to a broader mass audience.  Facebook’s video auto-play feature has truly offered businesses an opportunity to expand their client base by looking at how to transmit their appeal more effectively.

Where auto-play may have initially been considered a negative by Facebook’s audience at large, marketers have truly been able to take advantage of the visual nature of these video ads.  We are automatically drawn in to most videos, so it makes sense that so many of us share the videos that many businesses post.  It’s going to be interesting to see what will occur with the auto-play feature in the future, but for now, it is clearly a clever marketing tool.