Brand Survival with Facebook

Brand Survival with Facebook

The Facebook algorithm means that brands may have a challenging time surviving.  Believe it or not, though these concerns are still fairly new, there are still concerns that any new brand that comes out may have challenges surviving the algorithm.  In fact, concerns have run so deep that there have been scientists who backed a study about brand survival in the mystical land known as Facebook.

Facebook brand survival

The study, run by Copenhagen company Komfo, essentially argued that the sort of content that Facebook needs has to be relevant and engaging.  If your clients will not buy into your brand, it is because your content is either not relevant, not engaging or both.  Relevant, engaging content is Facebook’s backbone, and without it, your brand will die.

There are still a number of brands that believe a massive fan base will help make your brand launch into the stratosphere, but what researchers argue is that it is a good deal more important to have several small groups of loyal fans rather than a huge group of fans that are not necessarily united behind your business.

The study involved some 5,000 Pages ranging from August 2013 to March 2014.  The results were perhaps not all that surprising yet very revealing.  Fan penetration dropped from 25 percent approximately down to nearly 11 and a half percent when the content failed to be relevant and engaging.  In addition, viral amplification decreased as a result.  Some of the biggest issues that play into the whole notion of getting the biggest “bang for your buck” is the philosophy that it’s social for a reason.  The last thing the social media marketing companies want is for you to simply slap something together and then promote it inappropriately using Facebook.

What social media marketers want to see is that their viewers are engaged in the advertising, or that the content is relevant to them.  They have no wish to see their customers inundated with ads where they are forced to like or share something in a “like-baiting” maneuver that other companies have been participating in.  Facebook has been trying to stamp out this sort of marketing routine for some time, so it is important for businesses to ensure they are running a tight ship as far as advertising is concerned.

The key for business survival in this tech-saturated world is following the rules as far as advertising goes.  As far as that stands, those rules are simply about maintaining that your attitude is about learning how to leverage your social media presence in a positive way, without “like-baiting” and resorting to effectively duping your business opponents.  Well, there are a few ways to play the advertising game in the best tech way possible.  Ensure you understand how to continue to use that reach you still do have on Pages, as that will become a key player, and you should be all right.