How brands should Market their Products through Facebook

How brands should Market their Products through Facebook

Business folks see more to Facebook than a mere site for viewing photos and commenting, meeting new friends and connecting with old pals, a place to grasp new ideas and grasp the ideas on the latest news. They view it as a prefect platform to air out their business and stepping stone to reaching the next level as far as profits are concern. Well, the idea is awesome, but these fellows ought to set a goal and work towards achieving them.

Mark Wallrap, Director for Strategic accounts at Facebook gave an overview of then number of brands on social media who rush in and try to expand their territories and hope for the best without researching and planning on perfect ways of approaching it. In his speech at Silicon Beach Fest in Santa Monica, California, the Director said;

Getting down to the facts, we live in a world where there is lots of information. Building a business or standing out among all that encumber is to manage emotion in a productive way, or to stay genuine to the brand voice. I think quite a number of smaller companies try to satisfy all needs of all customers. Spot your stronghold and work on it then go an extra mile. Sometimes companies try to move a step ahead only to realize they don’t land where they really intended to.”

Apart from the above, another bone of contention rises on the issue of state-of-the-art ways of ensuring brands but communicating the necessary info to consumers and receiving the necessary feedback. Wallrap aired out his opinion on while in a panel branded “Big Brands, Startups and Social.

Taco Bell is a guru at this, the company does a noteworthy job in all social channels including Facebook. In his speech, Jeff Jenkins the Resident Disruptor for Taco Bell compared the link between customer and brands to a two-way traffic. As a result he suggested that Companies should use social sites like Facebook to communicate with Fans:

Our marketing strategy has changed significantly; we no longer use the old tactics. Our company has come up with a different plan all together. If you picture what brands are today — most of them want to be content distributors. Well, they are trailing the right path, Content is the perfect connector. It is exactly what resonates with clients. The questions are; Is there an effective way of finding out things that resonate? And if there is, how can one translate across the several channels that exist? What is the condition of your audience throughout different channels? …Well, we embrace listening and consumers should always be given a keen ear. The importance of that idea can never be overlooked.

Facebook’s Director for Strategic accounts confessed the fact that marketers haven’t figured out is the exact way for adaptation attribution. Unless they get off this bondage, Facebook will continue with its great work of fostering relationships with clients, with caveat that organic and paid reach is becoming more expensive.

A safer way to go is through Brand advocates, they are highly recommended by panelists. They get buffs and consumers to eagerly pass around any message that can cause a great rise in organic and paid reach. Most of the leading brands are on their toes trying to find ways to recompense fans for sharing their messages.

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