Facebook busy team

Busy Week for Facebook

Busy Week for Facebook

Facebook busy teamMark Zuckerberg and the folks over at Facebook have certainly had a busy few weeks, and it’s hard to even try to keep score with what the social media juggernaut is actually doing.  Between major purchases (Oculus Rift and WhatsApp) and cracking down on spam and other ineffective posts, it’s small wonder that some businesses are basically wondering what is going on with the social media network and whether they need to be worried about their business’ promotions that occur through Facebook.

Here’s what went on, and what to expect:

  •  Facebook cracks down on spam

Between “like-baiting” and spam in general, there were a number of crackdowns that Facebook engaged in.  Essentially what is now going to happen is those businesses who post items and explicitly ask Facebook users to like or share something simply for wider distribution.  Facebook has said that it will try and detect these posts sooner as they are 15 percent less relevant than others across a user’s network.

Facebook has updated its privacy settings in order to better ensure that those businesses that may be infringing either intentionally or unintentionally on people’s privacy on the social media site are prevented from doing so.  The move to tighter Facebook privacy settings will also go a long way towards improving their users’ privacy whenever they go online and share images or statuses.

  •  Messenger App is disappearing

 At the very least, the Messenger app is disappearing in Facebook itself.  Users are going to be encouraged to make use of the Messenger app and that is going to mark a huge change for those users who do reach out to their clients via Facebook.  While this will not affect those users with lower-end Android phones – they still will be able to chat in-app – users will have perhaps around two weeks to actually download Messenger in order to ensure they are able to continue using Facebook’s extremely popular chat program.

From a marketing standpoint, none of these three issues will have huge impacts in how businesses ultimately decide to connect promotions on Facebook.  However, as privacy settings change, it’s important to realize that this could ultimately have a significant play on how businesses could communicate with their clients, particularly for those who regularly use the Pages component of Facebook.  If businesses routinely use Messenger as a means of communicating with businesses, this could have a serious impact on how they deliver messages to customers.

The way privacy settings have changed may also have a significant impact on the information that can be used and posted on Pages.  If, for instance, the business has somehow gotten a picture of the person using or purchasing one of their products, that ensures that ratings for that business will start to soar, particularly if that celebrity is famous.  However, lawsuits have been forged on less, so it is important for businesses to take the time and ensure what will get them ahead and what will benefit their customers.

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