Facebook and pryte

Facebook Acquires Pryte

Facebook Acquires Pryte

The social media service provider Facebook Inc is in the process of acquiring Pryte, a Finnish startup whose goal is to deliver cheaper internet access in developing economies by offering users easier access to particular wireless internet applications.

The company does this by enabling their clienteles to buy mobile data through a single click on their mobile devices; just the same way they buy their apps, together with app-specific data packages the size of a bite.

Pryte was founded last year and has not publicly launched this service which is intended to provide short-term permissions to apps like Foursquare and Facebook.

This acquisition is the social media giant’s latest move to diversify its reach to acquire a large number of users on the global scale. Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg last year announced the confederation of internet service providing companies to connect the entire world to the Internet.

Facebook and pryte

This move is known as Internet.org. The coalition’s focusing on wireless operators in emerging markets throughout the globe; with the objective of enhancing their services to provide more Web access to users who currently do not have internet access.

The targeted number of people is estimated by Facebook to be approximately 5 billion, majority whose connectivity mainly comes through their mobile phones.

These bite-sized app-specific data packages are expected to change the way mobile users get data to access apps. Unlike the present case that involves buying data in bulk, which may be cost-prohibitive to users in developing nations, the new kind of data pricing will involve charges per bite.Consequently the cost is expected to come down and ultimately allow more people connection to the Internet.

The acquisition was made public on Tuesday by the Pryte Company which is based in Helsinki. The amount at which Facebook Inc settled the deal is yet to be disclosed.

According to their report, the company is delighted with the transaction and is planning on working along with Facebook to bring people online in a profitable way. One of their representatives noted that the company’s team of about 30 employees fits well with Facebook’s broader ambitions. It is however not clear yet the number that Facebook Inc is going to work with.

This was attributed to the Pryte team’s deep industry experience in working with mobile operators. The spokesperson also stated that the work experience aligns closely with the initiatives being pursued at Internet.org: to work together with other operators in bringing affordable Internet access to the next 5 billion people in a profitable way.

While launching Internet.org, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg specifically mentioned hopes of reducing the amount of data required for mobile apps.

In addition, Pryte has formed relationships with wireless operators around the world, which for Facebook is an added advantage towards achieving Internet.org targets.

Facebook has already formed a number of partnerships with various wireless operators in certain countries to offer free access to its social network. It is also working on drones and satellites that will spread Web access to remote parts of the world.

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