Facebook Click Fraud Can Be Beaten

Facebook Click Fraud Can Be Beaten

facebook-art-marketing-webinar1Bots are diluting the performance of ads on Facebook, according to a new report that’s just come out, but there is a way to work around this troublesome trend.  Many users who purchase advertising on the social media site are purchasing based on pay-per-click or cost per thousand impressions, but there are plenty of advertisers out there who are making use of bots that can generate thousands of fake clicks, thereby diluting the true performance of ads.

How do you know whether or not your ads are really performing as they should on the social media site?  Getting a viewable impressions model, first of all, should help.  Bots are incapable – thus far – of creating fraudulent viewable impressions, and if it is possible to pay for advertising based on how long the ad actually appears on a screen, that will allow you a far more accurate picture of what is actually happening with your advertising on Facebook.  In addition, paying for viewable impressions allows publishers to monetize their inventory in a far more effective manner; the inventory becomes far more valuable simply because there are no fraudulent clicks going on with the advertising and advertisers are paying for the ads based on legitimate advertising views.  The viewable impressions model is a feasible one, and while it is available on other sites, Facebook has not made this ready to go on their site.

Another way to beat the bots is by realizing that there are definite advantages to advertising on Facebook.  Yes, the bots that generate thousands of fraudulent clicks are annoying and they don’t give a true picture of what is happening on the site, but lead generation remains strong on the social media network.  Facebook continues to be quite popular, and while the cost per thousand impressions has soared 437 percent on the site, advertisers can now realize there are other areas on the web with premium ad space for sale.  It is not time to abandon Facebook, but you will be able to diversify your advertising strategy by realizing that in addition to a well-placed Facebook ad, you can pick up some awesome ad space elsewhere on the internet that does use the viewable impressions model, in addition to continuing to use your Facebook advertising as an ongoing strategy.

Taking advantage of Facebook advertising means that you also have to take the time and realize where to devote money for your resources.  These resources are what will continue to drive your business and again, with careful examination of the lead generation potential on Facebook, you will be able to really make the most of your advertising revenue.  Facebook does need to work on eliminating click fraud, and going to a viewable impressions model will help that greatly; however, you can still take advantage and beat click fraud by using Facebook chiefly for lead generation.

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