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‘Facebook Fit’ Bootcamps for Small Businesses

Facebook Fit’ Bootcamps for Small Businesses

Facebook is a major player in the advertising game, especially with Fortune 500 companies.  However, small businesses have also used Facebook for their own marketing campaigns, and now the social media network has decided to give small businesses a marketing boost with a series of “boot camp” events. The “Facebook Fit” event will help small businesses at every level of experience. Whether a business is just getting started with Facebook or in the middle of a two-year campaign for “likes,” the social media company will prime them for success.

The company announced the cross-country tour, which will be offered in conjunction with several technology organizations that work often with small businesses:  Square, QuickBooks, and LegalZoom. The tour dates include stops in the following metropolitan areas, with the last date being held in Facebook’s home city, Menlo Park.

  • June 3: New York City, New York
  • June 19: Miami, Florida
  • July 10: Chicago, Illinois
  • July 24: Austin, Texas
  • August 5: Menlo Park, California

Facebook has recruited author and small business expert Rhonda Abrams to headline the tour alongside digital life expert Mario Armstrong.  The cross-country tour will help businesses see the full range of tools they have at their disposal on Facebook.

Facebook’s Director of Small Business spoke about the event’s importance to Entrepreneur.com, and emphasized the role Facebook can play for “mom and pop” shops. He shared that most small businesses think they don’t have the time to engage in a Facebook campaign, or find the process costly. The goal of Facebook Fit is to give Main Street, USA a number of useful tips, tricks and advice on how to use Facebook to further their business. The businesses will hopefully leave the seminar feeling like they have the foundation for success.  Seminar topics will cover how Facebook can be integrated into every facet of a business, from payments to customer acquisition. Policy holders from nearby areas will also be attending at select sessions. The name “Facebook Fit” refers to the social giant’s drive to help small business get in shape to compete with millions of users’ attention.

facebbok fit

Besides receiving a chance to network with other businesses, Facebook Fit attendees will also receive $50.00 in Facebook advertising credits to help put their new skills and knowledge to the test. Levy believes that Facebook is the perfect partner to help small business grow to new heights. The social network currently boasts around 25 million small business listings, and the company has recently shifted more focus to encouraging small business to pursue Facebook advertising. Last year the company created a Small and Medium Business Council, a first for the company. The council was developed to improve how they approach small business. This move that Facebook is considering

Each session is available for $25.00 per person attending. Levy will take the stage as keynote speaker and breakout sessions focusing on key areas of business will follow.  Registration began this morning and individuals interested in attending can visit HERE to reserve a spot.

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