Facebook and world cup

Facebook Hops into Live Event Marketing Against Twitter and TV

Facebook Hops into Live Event Marketing Against Twitter and TV

Good news for football fans around the globe; the world’s largest social network Facebook has vowed to take on Twitter and Television networks in live football broadcasts ahead of the forthcoming World Cup tournaments.

Facebook is hoping to have the advantage in the World Cup that is set to commence this week. The media giant is attributing this projected upper hand above its competition Twitter and TV to its vast global user base.

The company has approximated its football audience at 500 million, a number it is claiming none of the competitors is able to beat, or even be close to.

According to Facebook, 500 million users have been identified with interest in football. This statistics is based on links the people have clicked on or the pages that they have liked; which have football content. Facebook confirms that its social media competitor in these live events coverage Twitter only has half that number being the total monthly active user base in record. Twitter has approximately 255 million monthly active users.

Facebook and world cup

Twitter has been seen to dominate live events coverage. It was recorded to have given a massive reporting of the Oscars with precise demographic targeting which according to it, makes tweeting more strategic for reaching a much larger audience with instant messages.

Facebook is set for the fight to being the preferred live broadcaster for these upcoming football events set to take place in Brazil; and is ready to take on Twitter. The company is terming its user base as the biggest stadium in the world. It claims to offer world audience most suitable for advertisers hoping to reach the entire globe with their ad pieces during the world football competitions.

The global accounts Facebook director Will Platt-Higgins noted that this year’s would be the first World Cup to be followed by viewers on their smartphones. This will be most convenient for users who prefer some privacy and serene environment while following their favorite sport. Group football viewing is usually characterized by shouts and commentaries from fans of the two opposing sides.

The director stated that for the first time everyone is carrying a mobile stadium in their pockets, where they would be watching, learning scores, team sheets, changes, injuries and substitutes as well as sharing the same with the rest of the world at will. He said this, referring to the Facebook football live broadcast service intended for users’ smartphones, adding that it would be a hugely compelling thing for a marketer.

Facebook Covers World cup

Facebook meditates supplementing or even becoming a replacement to TV as a medium of choice to target fans; against Twitter which has stricken share deals with major networks already.

Currently Twitter is aiming to teach marketers to develop adverts as games progress. The company is running a trial in which advertising agencies were asked to come up with promotional content while watching old World Cup footage.

Mr. Higgins observed that it would be very difficult for TV to garner an audience reach of 500 million, adding that Facebook could easily adapt advertising campaigns in the course of an ongoing match as the scores stream in.

It remains to be decided which media site will have the final command of the market for broadcasting live events. Meanwhile various brands continue to create more personalized ads to adapt for use across the Web networks.

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