Facebook Introduces New Facebook Messenger App for iPad

Facebook Introduces New Facebook Messenger App for iPad

Facebook now has a new messenger app that lets you make calls and chat with friends from your iPad.

Facebook Messenger is the social media’s communication hub which allows for users to send voice recordings, messages and other media to their Facebook friends.

Good news for the site’s 1.28 active monthly subscribers: a new useful feature has optimized its Messenger app to suit your iPad and lets you make voice calls to other messenger users.

The social network Thursday issued a long awaited and much-requested update to the Messenger app for iPhone by implementing an iPad interface to the usual application. The newly upgraded Facebook Messenger app looks just as it did before the upgrade. It is however larger.

With the new app users are able to shoot video and save it to their camera roll, chat, invite friends to message with Messenger as well as more additional options. Facebook Inc is yet to specify whether a tablet version of the new app would also be introduced for Android.

New Messenger App for iPad

Facebook cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg originally hinted last year that users should rely on the site’s Messenger app when communicating with friends. Several recent reports have followed claiming that Facebook’s main app will eventually stop users from sending and receiving messages due to the fact that Facebook allegedly wants people to use its standalone Messenger app instead.

Zuckerberg, the CEO at Facebook described the messaging function in Facebook for Android and iOS as a ‘second-class thing’ that created more friction. He added that the Facebook Messenger app provided a ‘more focused experience’ to those who use it.

So far all indications have pointed Facebook toward being inclined to pushing a standalone app instead of making the main Facebook app easier and better to use when messaging and chatting with friends.

This comes barely a month after the social network shelved Slingshot; an app that lets you briefly send photos and videos to friends. The messages therein disappear almost immediately however, making Slingshot a lot like the popular Snapchat app.

The social media company intends to take advantage of their booming mobile audience which grows every day by introducing more apps this year. Facebook plans to launch a suite of standalone apps in the course of 2014.

The Facebook Messenger for iPad update is free and it is rolling out at this moment. Tests have already discovered that you can make voice calls over Wi-Fi and even over cellular platform provided you have a data plan. The app will count against your data plan over cellular platform.

After signing in, you will be brought to the home screen where you can start a new conversation or browse past message threads to get started.

Making a voice call or composing a new message involves tapping on the respective tabs or tap on one of your previous conversations followed by tapping the phone icon in the top left corner. Facebook friends will need to have Messenger too in order to receive the call.

Users who have headphones with an integrated microphone will not have to hold the iPad up to their face. Messenger will log the call into the chat thread.

You can bring up an emoji by simply tapping the smiley icon or tap the ‘Like’ icon to send a Facebook Like via the Messenger app.

The Facebook Messenger on your iPhone automatically rings both devices so you can receive calls from whichever is closest; so you will never miss a call as voice calling works over both cellular and Wi-Fi.

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