Facebook Launches Updated Version of Pages Manager App for Android and iOS

Facebook Launches Updated Version of Pages Manager App for Android and iOS

Things are getting better in the world of gadgets and phones. Facebook just launched an up to date version of its application, the page manager, for Android and iOS. The latest innovation features faster navigation insight and page activity, easy to access tools for all page administrators, and direct location and reach to its action bar.

Facebook Page Manager

The action bar forms the place page admins may use to upload photos, type posts, manage their pages and undertake any other necessary tasks. In addition, the appearance to both of the applications for Pages Manager was perfected and made more eye-catching.

To enlighten users on the updated versions, Facebook posted the details on their business site, Facebook for Business, which read in part:

“After several improvements made on the Pages Manager applications for both iOS and Android, today we initiate their latest versions. This time the apps are designed to allow user’s access and manage their pages with utmost comfort.

Some of the significant features the new novelty boasts of include; easy admittance to admin tools, faster navigation to insights and page activity and finally, more precise reach to the action bar.

New Facebook Pages Manager

“Our enhancements are based on an intensive research we did on lots of business to collect info on how to make the apps better. Most of the new revolution is based on the response from the majority. Change with the current changes, search for these apps at Google Play or iTunes App Store.”