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Facebook to Roll out Video Ads in Oversea Markets

Facebook to Roll out Video Ads in Oversea Markets

Facebook has set out to expand its video advertising program to seven countries outside its cradle- the United States. Beginning next month June, 2014, the premium video ads are to appear on the Facebook users’ newsfeeds in Brazil, Britain, Japan, Germany, Canada, France and Australia.

The service involves television-like motion picture pieces appearing on the screens of Facebook users at given intervals while logged on. They automatically play without producing any sound until the user taps them. Each of these ads run for 15 seconds and expand to full screen upon tapping. They however stop playing when the user scrolls past them.

facebook video ads

Testing of this innovation began in December 2013 and was introduced on Facebook in March this year, with a small group of companies in the United States marketing their products and services.

According to the operators of this social media, Progressive Corp insurance company and the NBC Television are examples of firms that bought the initial advertisements.

Facebook intends to roll out the video marketing service slowly while monitoring how the users interact with it. This is meant to be a precaution to avoid irritating the users.

They however observe that the initial running of the service in the US was a success and project that the same shall be witnessed in Australia and the six other targeted countries.

Each ad that goes online is subjected to a thorough quality control test. Facebook team works closely with Ace Metrix, a video analytics corporation that helps to ensure that the videos are of high quality in terms of audio, sight and motion components.

The premium charges for each video ad are arrived at though a comprehensive consideration of the size and various demographics of the market targeted as well as the time of day when they are to be run. This is not done by Facebook Inc in isolation. A third party organization known as Nielsen which deals with corporate rating is involved. The social media service provider then charges only based on what Nielsen provides.

According to a Facebook correspondent, the company intends to begin with a few companies in the aforementioned countries. The number of firms in question has however not been specified. Users in these countries are to expect the ads on their screens as from early next month.

The program is set to take a few months before it gets fully operational in the international marketplace with majority of the commercials not featuring on Facebook until September this year. According to the media monster, this is so because the company takes its time working alongside their client advertisers to ensure standard quality, and this may take several months.

This unveiling has already been met with guarded opinions as a number of experts propose caution in the manner of conducting the service. Some have observed that running the premium videos very frequently on people’s timelines may be found intrusive by the users.

A section of analysts also note that a moderate interval between ads may encounter little resistance. Success of this new video advertising service in the market is likely to yield great revenues for Facebook, the market analysts forecast.

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