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Facebook Rolls Out Single Column Format on Business Pages

Facebook Rolls Out Single Column Format on Business Pages

Facebook has redesigned its business pages into a single column timeline format similar to that of the personal user profiles, effective immediately. The rollout process is to be completed for all users globally at the end of the week.

The social site’s business page administrators will be given a visual tour and guideline to the new feature upon accessing their pages. This will be accompanied with an option button allowing them to immediately switch to the new design. Those who opt to effect this change later will however be reminded that the page would automatically be updated on June 12.

facebook single column

Facebook Inc announced its intentions to streamline the pages in March this year. The new design involves having all posts in one single column. They will therefore appear one on top of the other depending on the sequence of their posting, just like on the News Feed.

This new look is as opposed to the former outlook where posts would be aligned from left to right with multiple columns that forced users to scroll back and forth while viewing page contents.

Similar to the personal profiles, the left hand side column lists all the page information including the possible hours of business, map, Web URL, phone number and media like photos and videos. The right hand side has all the posts.

This implementation marks the end of every multiple column design that used to exist even for the News Feeds. This was considered by many users as unnecessary and confusing. User profiles were switched to the single column design in March 2013 and the process ended in May.

Admins have been given more control over their pages too. They will have a slightly different look with additional navigational options for settings, insights, activity, audience building and help to the top of the page. A click on the Build Audience tab redirects the page admin straight to their Ads Manager account.

Certain key information has also been added to the new design regarding the ads being run. These include new likes on one’s page, as well as unread notifications and messages. All these appear within the margins of the main view of the page.

The nature of content on the left hand side will vary depending on the type of business; with businesses operating primarily online having their left hand side column displaying all the information regarding the page except for reviews. Facebook page admins will soon be able to rearrange the order in which these sections appear.

The Facebook apps will appear both in the left side column and in on top of the page, within the navigation menu. Pages with activated messages service will have their messages in the activity tab at the top of the page above the cover photo as well as in ‘This Week’ dialog box that runs along the right hand side of the page.

The newest facet that has come with this design is the Pages to Watch feature, which offers the admins the option of creating a list of competitors. Then they can monitor how these pages’ performance compare with their own in terms of likes; both aggregate and new likes, posts for that particular week and other engagements. A notification will be sent to the admin if their page is added to another’s watch list. The The Facebook page’s admin will however not be able to identify the page name.

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