Facebook Stock Should be Bought

Facebook Stock Should be Bought

There are three reasons why Facebook stock should be invested in over the next little while, and they may or may not be related to the recent purchases that Mark Zuckerberg has thrown his social media company into.

  1. Marketing footprint:  Facebook has stayed true to its core business, that of uniting people with a wide range of their colleagues and businesses.  Facebook’s footprint has grown in the marketing and advertising worlds, which is something that has become increasingly obvious with the numbers of businesses that have used the Pages that Facebook is now trimming back on.  The company has won an increasing number of advertising dollars through branding and through search and display budgets, which means that has helped the company expand its marketing footprint.
  2. Earnings momentumFacebook is slated to issue its earnings report in the next few weeks, and it’s looking good for the social media giant.  With a doubling of earnings year over year and a sales growth of 60 percent anticipated, it’s estimated that Facebook is going to see its consensus estimate climb from 21 cents to 24 cents a share.  This means very good things for those who are contemplating an investment in the company, and it also means that those looking to invest in the company may see yet another Facebook surprise with its earnings report.
  3. Huge Up Side for Investors:  The consensus analyst for Facebook is $74, and this is 26 percent up to Friday’s close.  That means shares could climb in price all the way up to $82 price target.  In addition, Pivotal Research Group has switched its Facebook rating from “hold” to “buy”.  This only means good things for the social media giant.

Facebook shares

While many marketers may look at Facebook and think that it could be a questionable investment, in truth, the social media company is undergoing a shift of sorts from a financial standpoint and seems to continue to grow in spite of a dip in their price per share.  One part of marketing is looking at investment opportunities, and investing in the social media company Facebook could go a long way towards helping you develop a portfolio that is both impressive and holds a great deal of potential.  It is simply a matter of holding out hope and watching the numbers for Facebook.  With the upcoming release of Facebook’s earnings report, it’s a matter of seeing what could happen next for the social media giant.

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