Facebook Could Be Uber-Focused

Facebook Could Be Uber-Focused

Facebook’s Messenger app is among the most popular apps currently being used today.  However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues at the world’s most popular social media site are considering a move to make Messenger more than a mere communication tool.

While the ideas and planning are merely in the introductory stages of the game, Zuckerberg could be looking at popular markets in Asia for clues as to Facebook Messenger’s next steps.  Such a step could come from popular car hailing service Uber, and speculation is rife that Uber could be embedded as part of Messenger to make the app even more versatile.

Uber is used at least weekly or even daily in its most popular markets, which means that a tie in with Facebook could really strengthen its popularity, in addition to that of the social media network.  An agreement with Uber could pave the way for Facebook to solidify its standings as a site that also deals with e-commerce, as users will have to enter their payment information in order to access the Uber service.


It should be noted that nothing has gone beyond the discussion phase; Uber and Facebook were merely meeting to discuss the possibility of what could happen.  However, the potential is there for both businesses to draw on each other’s strengths and become bigger than what they are already.  Facebook is also looking for ways to make money from the Messenger app, and has hired Paypal president David Marcus to run the app and determine exactly how to make money from it.

A tie in with Uber could be the way to go, though this is not Uber’s first time joining forces with another company.  In May, no one was surprised to learn of the partnership that had developed between Uber and Google Maps.  In addition, Facebook’s membership base alone could help drive Uber’s numbers; with 200 million people using the app and that number continuing to rise, this could only mean good things for Uber.

However, the question that remains is how far does Facebook want to extend its reach into the world of e-commerce?  The site is already the most popular worldwide, and has already started to make forays into the worlds of virtual reality and communication, thanks to purchases of Oculus VR and of WhatsApp.  This is looking like it could be a great move for Facebook and for Uber, as both sides could draw on each other’s established customer bases.

However, Zuckerberg continues to astound many by how very fast it is moving through potential mergers and partnerships and business purchases.  While it’s undeniable that the social media company has an outstanding mass of resources to draw on, those resources surely can only extend so far.

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