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Facebook Ventures into picture messaging with slingshot

Facebook Ventures into picture messaging with slingshot

Slingshot app was designed to let fans who love uploading or sharing their pictures with friends through picture messaging. Slingshot is Facebook’s second attempt into snapchat messaging after poke that did not actually hit the target pretty well.

Slingshot has undeniable resemblance to the snapchat app, an app that’s rumored to almost been bought by Facebook for a whopping $3 billion. Facebook released the Slingshot app last week and it is available on Apple and android platforms. A user will not need to have a facebook account to use the slingshot app.

The working of the app is pretty simplified, with basics any Facebook user can easily understand. You will need to download the app after which you can choose to either sign up with your facebook account or your mobile phone number. After signing up, you can add your facebook contacts and even phone contacts to the app.

Facebook Slinghsot

A camera integrated in the app allows you to take photos that you can use as a selfie. The pp also allows you to write description- just 140 characters, and you can then choose to send it to all your contacts or just some of them.

However, slingshot has some unique features that makes it distinguishes it from the snapchat app. In slingshot, you can only see the messages your contacts send you only if reply to the messages, and idea that the Slingshot developer said is to ensure a reciprocal community feel is created between its user.

Moreover, the slingshot messages has no limit to when the message disappears, you can click it off the screen when you are done reading it.

For reaction photo shots, the recipient will not have to send back a message to view your photo. The screen gets divided into two and you just shoot a photo back to the person who sent you a photo.

It has taken a while for Facebook to complete the development of this fantastic app and finally release it. Developers have been working on the project since January this year. The app, which is a product of the December hackathon at Facebook, was brainstormed to introduce new ways of sharing.

The lead designer Joey Flynn narrated how Slingshot has enabled him to chat with his two brothers who use imessage- a similar chat tool on IOS platform. He mentioned of how he would send them messages but could not get any replies back. With Slingshot, the problem is solved as it is more reciprocal.

Facebook, however, accepts that most of its apps may not reach a big audience as Facebook itself has reached but it is trying to find something new that suits every person.

The competition in this communication platform is rather very high since there are surplus sharing apps already making it big in the market. Facebook will also face a challenge in differentiating the slingshot app from its instagram and WhatsApp. Needless to say, there are other companies who may venture into the business posing more threat.

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