Facebook’s A Look Back Gets Updated

Facebook’s A Look Back Gets Updated

facbeook-a-look-back-20140204For most people, Facebook’s newest feature is an absolute treasure trove for those buried gems of memories. Facebook’s ‘A Look Back’ gives users a minute-long video of their most significant moments in Facebook’s social network ranging from the time they joined, photos they’ve shared, and things that they posted which have garnered the most ‘Likes’.

Others, though, lament that the slideshow have shown some rather unflattering pictures of themselves and some memories that they would rather have repressed and forgotten. While a simple deletion of those pictures from Facebook’s archives can take care of that problem, Facebook is now offering a simpler solution to those who, for some reason or another, are unable to delete those offending photos or simply can’t be bothered to do so while still enjoying Facebook’s A Look Back video.

Facebook is now giving users the power to select which photos they want to feature on their video. Visit your Facebook Look Back page and click on ‘Edit’ near the upper right corner of the window to start putting your best pictures on the Look Back slideshow.

Users can now select 3 photos to showcase for the ‘Your First Moments’ category, 4 for ‘Your Most Liked Posts’, 9 for ‘Uploaded Photos’, and a whopping 38 for the ‘Photo Grids’. This provides users an unprecedented control over their Look Back videos and the opportunity to put their best photos forward.


Of course, other netizens have exploited this update to produce humorous spoofs using Facebook’s Look Back feature. Some of the more interesting ones include a look back for humankind and the atrocities committed by them, for the dashing but rebellious English royal Prince Harry, for seemingly plastic surgery-prone Bruce Jenner featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and many more. Featured below is an ‘honest’ Facebook Look Back which is a satire of some of the more questionable Facebook policies and trends that has happened over Facebook’s 10-year existence.

Whether you really want to check out what your Facebook history looks like or you’re interested in making a funny video collage using A Look Back, it is undeniable that this new Facebook feature is a real hit. Share your Facebook Look Back video in the comment box below. We’d love to see them.

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