Facebook’s Decision to Buy Oculus Was a Smart Move!

Facebook’s Decision to Buy Oculus Was a Smart Move!

Facebook was incredibly smart to buy Oculus when it did.  It’s probable that the social media juggernaut did overpay when it gave Oculus $2 billion; however, given the company now has the power of the Facebook brand behind it, the power of the Oculus stock is set to skyrocket.

facebookWhat’s clear is that Zuckerberg has his head on straight.  Yes, Facebook shares are down 10 percent, but that is because stock market pundits and brokers alike are still in head-scratching mode over why Zuckerberg would make the decision to purchase the virtual reality firm.  However, Zuckerberg is smart; he’s making the tough decisions that any chief executive should when trying to decide the future of his company.

Young as Zuckerberg still is, he is looking farther afield and beyond Facebook’s current platform.  After all, it will not take long before social media fans are looking beyond the keyboard to see what else Facebook can offer.  In paying $2 billion for Oculus, Zuckerberg has gone to the next step of his vision for Facebook.

Zuckerberg has mentioned things such as using the VR glasses that Oculus has designed to go to a basketball game or even take a class from the comfort of home.  Right now, there are those in the world of technology that are shaking their heads, thinking that Zuckerberg’s ambition has outstripped his common sense.  However, Facebook’s CEO has always been known for his ability to innovate, and this is no exception.

Zuckerberg is gambling that virtual reality is going to eventually replace such online apps as Skype or FaceTime, where users can have a real-time conversation while looking at each other.  It is possible that virtual reality may make that leap.  However, what many pundits are not realizing right now is that as quickly as the tech industry moves, Zuckerberg is not going to be implementing Oculus VR immediately into the Facebook platform.

Currently, the goggles that go with the Oculus set are big and bulky – completely impractical for commonplace consumer use.  No doubt, Facebook’s CEO is well aware that not only will few people purchase something that looks so big and bulky, they will not buy into the technology.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook, though it has grown exponentially in the decade since its inception, is fairly sleek and user-friendly.  No doubt, he is looking at what Oculus is offering with its VR headset and already considering how to streamline the technology and the look.  He knows a lot about how to make something marketable for his market, and that is no doubt what he is looking to do with his recent acquisitions of WhatsApp and Oculus.

Certainly, the second purchase – that of Oculus – has gotten far more buzz than the purchase of WhatsApp.  However, if Zuckerberg plays his cards right, he will discover the timing and patiently wait until the world is ready for Facebook VR.

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