Facebook’s Paper: Newest App for iOS

Facebook’s Paper: Newest App for iOS

facebook-paper-flipboard-he-664x374 Due to the increasing demand of mobile users for more engaging and useful apps, Facebook has established its Creative Labs. This is a special division of Facebook concerned with the development of apps that will “support the diverse ways people want to connect and share”.

The pioneer release of Facebook’s Creative Labs is Paper, an iOS app that merges together the very best of what Facebook has to offer together with the functionalities and features of some of the leading apps today such as Flipboard.

At its core, Paper is still your Facebook profile. You’ll still have access to your News Feed as the first section of the magazine-like app albeit it will have a look very similar to those first seen in Facebook Home and Cover Feed.  The rest of Paper’s content will be tailored to you. Just as we just pick the sections of the newspaper that we want to read, so will Paper be suited to display only those topics you want to read up on. Headlines, sports, tech, lifestyle, and other articles will all be compiled by Facebook editors and the curated stories will be for your perusal.


Through this stand-alone app, Facebook users can experience a rich and exciting new version of Facebook together with the content and articles of well-known publications such as the New York Times and The Huffington Post. Apps and newsreaders which offer the same features as those of Paper such as Flipboard, Prismatic, and Trove will surely be feeling the heat with this added pressure from Facebook. Conversely, Paper will undoubtedly be endlessly compared with those tried and tested apps to see how it fares in comparison as a news aggregator.

With Paper fresh from its release, we can all just wait for more news as critics and enthusiasts alike share their experiences with the new Facebook app. Hopefully, this new venture will prove much more fruitful than Home. For our iOS users out there, go ahead and give Paper a try by downloading it from the App Store. Once you test it out, share your thoughts and experiences with Paper on the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!