Gaming Looks to Head to Oculus!

Gaming Looks to Head to Oculus!

oculus_slow_jamCandy Crush software developer King is already seeing if they can leverage Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus to greater heights for their highly lucrative computer game.  According to reports, the software company is already running tests on the Oculus VR system to see how their games can be integrated with the technology.  King is determined to remain at the forefront of the social media gaming market and is looking to see how its popular games that feature prominently on Facebook operate with the VR system.

Angus Lovitt, vice president of performance marketing, told a crowd at Advertising Free Europe that King was already running tests on the virtual reality headset in an effort to discover whether or not their games will work with the virtual reality system.  He noted that virtual reality could be considered a “disruptive technology”, and King did not want to get left in the dust by other eager software companies.

Julien Cordoniou recognized the VR system’s huge potential for entertainment, sports media and e-commerce.  Cordoniou is the director of partnership for Facebook EMEA, and he says that the potential VR offers is incredible.  Given King saw Candy Crush become the most popular free mobile app of 2013, King is definitely eager to see further inroads made into the gaming industry, if possible.

In fact, King does not want to get left behind by other software companies who capitalize on technology advances prior to their ability to get ahead.  King has been left in the dust before by companies who were quicker to get on the mobile gaming wagon, and they have no intentions of getting left behind again.

What is clear is that Facebook intends on bringing the virtual reality headset to a wide market and that will definitely set those who have wanted to play some of Facebook’s games in a virtual reality environment buzzing.  Imagine the possibilities if the headset made its way to platforms such as Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo?  Playing Halo through the VR headset?  Promoting your business or company through a VR platform?  All of these possibilities that are now presenting themselves as a result of Facebook’s recent purchase, and while fans of technological advances that harken back to prior loves of science fiction will certainly be intrigued by the gaming possibilities that are offered as a result of Facebook’s purchase of Oculus.candy-crush-saga

The science of virtual reality could go a long way towards helping advertisers explore a whole new realm in Facebook marketing.  While an inundation of advertisements similar to what is seen on television might not be advised, as people will quickly become bored with that, but marketers may want to consider integrating advertisements into the games as Barack Obama did with an Xbox game when he was making his initial run for the presidency.  Regardless of the chosen strategy, there are possibilities abound that could change the face of social media marketing. Stay tuned for more Facebook news

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