How to do Facebook Ads Right

Although there are multiple challenges involved in Facebook marketing, particularly now that Facebook has pulled back on the organic reach of their Pages, Facebook ads are a good way to conduct marketing for your business if you are willing to do it right.

Facebook ads

What does that mean, though?  For starters, it means you need patience.  There are one billion people using Facebook, or 1/7th of the Earth’s population.  That is a significant number of potential customers you could reach with your marketing.  So, you need to take the time and ensure that you are well prepared before you start spending money on advertising.

tickPlan.  As with any occasion where you spend money, you should have some sort of plan of attack.  Plan your campaign and how you envision it.  It makes no sense to start posting ads when you don’t have a real plan of what you are trying to do with your ad campaign.

tickChoose the Type of Campaign.  Facebook gives you the power to choose the Facebook campaign that you think will work for you.  Whether it’s generating page likes, converting users on your website, or increasing engagement on a certain post, there are possibilities that could be open for you.  This is the interesting part about Facebook ads; if they work, you should be prepared to start pulling money from other sources that are perhaps not quite as profitable as others, and drive it towards the Facebook ad campaign.  However, there will be some decay so you have to be prepared for that and determine how you are going to cope with it.

tickCreate Your Ad.  Determine if you are going to have a Facebook fan page that you will be looking to generate “Likes”, or an ad that is going to appear on News Feeds, you have to determine exactly what is going to work for you, and create your ad accordingly.

tickTarget Your Audience.  An ad will be no good if you do not have a specific target audience you are looking to reach.  Determine the demographic of the group you are looking to hit, and design your campaign – and your ad – appropriately.

tickSet Your Budget.  This is particularly if you are going for a Clicks to Website approach.  If you start too high, you are going to end up in the red, but if you start too low, you won’t see an effective return on investment.

tickTrack and Measure Your ROI.  Determine a way to measure and validate that the money you have invested will come back to you.  Whether you look at it as email sign-ups, or actual purchases, there are a number of ways in which you could measure ROI effectively.  Determine the method that works best for you and use it.

tickAdjust and review, review and adjust.  If you find your current campaign is not working, change it up.  There are several different ad possibilities for you and your business – find the one that works best for you.

Even though Facebook is changing things up, that does not mean that you are stuck for ads.  It’s simply a matter of planning and effectively figuring out what is going to work best for your business.

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