When and How Much to Post

When and How Much to Post

facebookAs a species, humans get annoyed fairly easily.  Repetition, in particular, annoys us greatly, as we believe once we have heard something, we have gotten the idea and can move on.  However, this is not always the case, and advertisers and marketers especially can really take this too far.  When marketing on social media, though, it’s important to be mindful of when to post and exactly how much to post.

Social media marketers in particular tend to take things too far.  If once is good, then several times must be even better.  However, social media marketers need to take the time and find the ideal balance between sharing and listening; if we want to maintain a steady stream of followers, it’s important to strike that ideal balance between the two, because if we don’t we will ultimately lose our target audience.

The question then becomes how to find that ideal balance as without it, we lose clients possibly, which means ultimately, we lose money, and we don’t want to do that.  There is a fine line between informative and annoying, and to find it, you need to make an educated guess as to where you continue to be informative.  Where good content can be found virtually anywhere, it’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to Facebook, there is such a thing as oversharing.  To avoid oversharing, it’s important to realize what your audience wants.  That may mean only a few shares, such as three times daily.  Depending on the content, it could be up to seven times or more daily.  You really have to consider your content and your audience.  You also have to consider how valuable your content will be to your audience before you look at how often you should share it.

If you follow the simple process of predicting, measuring and repeating, you will be able to optimize how often you should be posting to social media and Facebook in particular.  SocialBakers, in fact, conducted a study in 2011 and realized that the “sweet spot” when it came to numbers of times to post to Facebook was between five and 10 posts per week.

One post per week was deemed so low that brands were losing traction with their customers, but of course, posting too many times also causes issues for the companies that posted to Facebook.  It is important for the businesses looking to connect appropriately with social media to find a way in which to balance a high degree of connection with clients to an appropriate numbers of posts per week.  If you want to continue to find the fine line between informing and annoying, take the time and measure exactly the response you get with each level of social media posts.  You will ultimately find the best level of posting that works for your business.


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