News Feed algorithms in Facebook altered to depict Video Viewership among users

News Feed algorithms in Facebook altered to depict Video Viewership among users

An overwhelming number of Facebook fans are currently watching videos as they surf through their pages reading latest post, chatting with pals, hitting likes and poking silent friends. After an exhaustive research, Facebook found out that video viewership has hit double the number as when it was first introduced. For that reason, Facebook has come up with various techniques to ensure users watch only videos that are pertinent to them.


The system is being designed to allow a video posted in the news feed algorithm tally the span over which an individual takes in watching. It will also take into account the likes and comments and shares the person may have done. The result is logical and makes quite a lot of sense; the more you view, the more videos will crowd your wall, scrolling past this videos probably shows you lack interest in them and, therefore, very few will come your way.

One good turn deserves a better one, Facebook gave an account of the new innovation in a blog post;

In addition to the factors we considered in prior which ranged from comments and shares to likes and tags, the enhancements we are currently making seeks whether a user watches a video and how long he views it. This improvement will no doubt affect all videos users upload to Facebook directly.

Moreover, the mechanism will assist us feeding the correct news to different fellows depending on their preferences of videos. Video lovers will get lots of them on their News Feed right at the top. Contrariwise, those who scroll past videos will see only a few.

Our primary polls brought positive results; most users accessed the most relevant videos to them. Thanks to our new invention.

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