Stop Complaining About Facebook!

Stop Complaining About Facebook!

FacebookPeople need to quit complaining about the reach of Facebook Pages and how it has been trimmed back extensively.  First of all, it does no good.  Secondly, there are workarounds that will enable you to continue to enjoy a fair bit of success in promoting your business in spite of the way Facebook has trimmed back the organic reach of Facebook Pages. The feud between Facebook and Eat24 says it all

Focusing on what Facebook was will not fix the problem.  Focusing on what Facebook can do for businesses now and how to make that work for your particular business is what many business owners need to do; doing otherwise will be unproductive for your business altogether.

Remember that Facebook is a free website for individuals and, for smaller businesses wanting to get ahead of the game, they will be able to leverage the free offerings that Facebook has in order to make it work.  You have to know what Facebook is really offering you and that it is not designed to truly be used for businesses to promote themselves.  It is designed as a social media network; it is also looking, under Zuckerberg’s leadership, to expand to the point where it is becoming the new platform for the internet as a whole.

It does not matter if you are looking to promote yourself or your small business; you need to take the time and promote yourself by using the free mechanisms that Facebook has on offer.  Work on adding your regular customers as Close Friends so that your business’ updates are first and foremost on their profiles.  You have to be prepared to continue to update your Facebook profile regularly with what your businesses are up to; also, you need to be able to take the time and be available to communicate with your customers in order to inform them about what your business is doing.
FacebookEven though Facebook is working towards trimming the organic reach of its Pages for businesses, there are ways of having the free parts of Facebook for businesses work for you.  Whether you are a small business owner, or looking to bump up the number of visitors to your site on a regular basis, you can use Facebook to bump up the visitors to your site and h
elp continue to promote the business.  Through careful planning and organization of your advertising campaign, you will find that your business will be able to take full advantage of the free things Facebook can offer your business.  Whether you use clicks per visit or visits directly to your website, you should be able to see how strong your return on investment is on a regular basis.  Whatever the case, you will find that you have better luck in working with what Facebook offers businesses rather than continuing to complain about what Facebook does not offer anymore.


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