UK Can Now Enjoy Up To 70 and Above Gender Options Courtesy Of Facebook

UK Can Now Enjoy Up To 70 and Above Gender Options Courtesy Of Facebook

Facebook Gender UKFacebook wants to reflect society the best way ever. Good riddance, if you are reading this piece of writing from the UK. This day marks the start of you choosing from more than 70 gender option. The company values diversity and for that reason they have with come with this magnificent innovation for their fans.

Some of the 50 new gender options, first introduced in February in the USA include Trans person, cis gender, androgynous and polygender. In addition, users have been given the freedom to give their own suggestions on other relevant ideas.

In a press conference with The Independent, Simon Milner,The policy Director for Facebook in the UK said; “The idea is about Facebook allowing people to be themselves and make all their enthusiasts feel cozy in expressing themselves and talk freely on issues they value.”

Simon asserted that Facebook worked with two organizations in the UK; Gendered Intelligence and Press for Change in selecting the new alternatives and extra terms put in place explicitly for UK Facebook lovers. They included asexual, hermaphrodite and intersex man.

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Apart from the custom genders of their choice, users will be able to select the pronoun they would like to be identified with; options include he/his for males, she/her for females or they/their for neutral. Users choosing from a custom gender may also control the range of friends that view their changes.

Facebook Gender

Facebook says that these newly implemented gender options won’t alter how marketers can reach their consumers. They went ahead assuring users that there is no way marketers can target ‘custom individuals’ on Facebook.

Press for Change’s Vice-President Professor Stephen Whittle said that the advancements in the gender status by Facebook will allow multitudes to air out themselves as per their true personalities which will in turn pave way for the next generations to feel at ease expressing their own selves without fear.

The process of changing your gender in Facebook is fast and simple.

  • While on your timeline, click the tab titled ‘About’
  • Move to ‘Contact and basic Info’ then click ‘edit’, just near the ‘Gender’ option.
  • Select customs.
  • Find in the new gender options in the drop down box
  • Make your desired changes by picking your gender of choice.
  • Navigate to ‘your preferred pronoun is’ to edit the visibility of your changes, then
  • Move to click ‘save’ changes to apply the modifications made.

Simon went ahead and mentioned that although Facebook never intended to force the agenda, they had it in mind that a category of individuals might not conquer with the idea and may feel pressed on, with the changes. He referred to them as a group that haven’t gotten to the bottom of the issue and understood Facebook’s reasons behind the alterations.

Mr. Milner said that they expected a debate to erupt due to the new trend but will still stick to their thought. They feel it is the right thing to do and so be it.


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