Facebook Views, Comments and Shares on Videos Given More Weight

Facebook Views, Comments and Shares on Videos Given More Weight
More likes, views, comments and shares on a video adds you more videos, Says Facebook

Facebook’s News feed algorithm is taking a unique angle as views on videos are being given more weight in the news you scroll down anytime you log in. This enhanced is chipping in as the encroachment of advertisers who post videos all over to market their products increases.

Facebook Videos

Facebook released a statement today confessing that video viewership has doubled over the past six months.

As a result, Facebook is giving users what they desire, patent video viewers will find more videos to watch on their walls.

On a recent blog post, Facebook clearly stated that people with the tendency of viewing more videos posted in their News Feed should expect more of the videos topping their pages. On the contrary, those who scroll past the videos will see only a few

Facebook can tell how much interest you have in watching videos by considering the span over which you view it as well as activities including likes, shares and comments towards the videos. This new system only applies to videos posted directly to Facebook and not any content shared from sites such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Facebook Videos

Brands are already using the new invention by posting videos that automatically turn on in the news Feed. At a click on the screen, both sound and images are listened to and sited respectively. When a user focuses on this video and, the auto play is counted by Facebook and users are placed into categories depending on how many views and for how long.

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