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‘YO’ App beats Facebook’s Slingshot on iOS Store

‘YO’ App beats Facebook’s Slingshot on iOS Store

Facebook has to do more innovation to stay afloat. That is the message that the Facebook CEO has taken seriously especially after a new app ‘Yo’ beat their latest innovation slingshot on iOS.

Contrary to the expectation of many that Facebook’s new app release Slingshot will be the biggest news on social media messaging this week, a new app that only allow users to say ‘yo’ stole the show and beat Facebook’s slingshot in iOS rating. The slingshot was Facebook’s latest creation to take on snapchat.

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Some hours after facebook’s Slingshot was released, the financial times published an article telling of an app that only allows you to say ‘yo’ or better still ‘yoyo’ to their friends. The ‘yo’ has benefitted from angel donors who seemed impressed by the innovation donating a whooping $1 million to fund the app. All these events took place on Tuesday afternoon. The app seemingly has got lots of fans as very many articles have since been written about it. It has also been massively downloaded.

The ‘Yo’ app rose higher, beating the other 150 free apps in the Apple’s store and attracting a huge press coverage even as it rose higher through the night. By Thursday daybreak, the app was positioned at No.47 in the Apples store beating Slingshot that was ranked at No. 50.

However, Facebook is still ahead of the ‘yo’ app on android. The Google play store statistics reveals that the Slingshot has got 10,000 to 50,000 installs whereas the ‘Yo’ app has got only 5,000 to 10,000 installs.

The co-founder and CEO of Yo, Or Arbel revealed to Mashable that the app had received 110,000 downloads from Wednesday morning. He also stated that the app had had 160000 downloads in total since its inception in April.

However, Facebook has not fully promoted the slingshot app despite it having lots of press coverage. For instance, Facebook users have not received any message Facebook website prompting them to download the slingshot app. This means they still have room to increase the slingshot app downloads by a bigger margin.

It is worth to noting the rate at which the Yo has soared even against a world’s known social platform. This shows how volatile the social messaging platform can be. It further demystifies any prior thoughts of monopoly by well-established social media platforms.

When interviewed by Mashable, the founder of Yo Or Arbel disputed the thought that yo is just an app that says yo. He explained the app is a context based messaging platform that is less intrusive.

Facebook is now enlightened to keep its eyes open for new innovations to keep up with the new technology if it has to retain its relevance.

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